I most certainly hope that everyone have had an Easter holiday as good as mine! 🙂

But to tell the truth, everything haven’t been that good. E.g, started to do the final mixing of our recordings. Really stuck. It might sound somewhat ok, but it is certainly something (or several things) which are missing, and I don’t have a clue about what it might me. So, anyone who is up to give us some input? The present version of the first song is available on Studio’s forum.

Or even better, someone who’ll do the mixing to us. Can’t even imagine how much music we would release every year if we didn’t had to deal with the mixing process!

But as I said, apart from, it’s been a very good holiday. And I posted a picture of my Easter dinner. This site looks much nicer with more pictures and not just a lot of text. And, bonus points to those who can name the main dish here correctly.

Happy easter in arrears!
FĂ„r verkligen hoppas att alla haft en lika bra pĂ„skhelg som jag haft! 🙂

Allt har dock inte gĂ„tt sĂ„ himla lysande, började till exempel slut-mixa vĂ„ra inspelningar i fredags. Har kört fast totalt. Det lĂ„ter vĂ€l möjligen okej, men det Ă€r verkligen nĂ„gonting som saknas, och jag har ingen aning om vad. SĂ„ Ă€r det nĂ„gon som Ă€r sugen att ge lite input sĂ„ finns en nuvarande version pĂ„ Studio’s forum.

Eller Ànnu hellre, nÄgon som mixar Ät oss. Kan nog knappt förestÀlla mig hur mycket musik vi skulle slÀppa varje Är om vi slapp mixandet!

Men som sagt, annars har det varit en riktigt bra helg. Postar Àven en bild pÄ min pÄskdags-middag. Sidan ser ju mycket trevligare ut med lite fler bilder och inte bara en massa text. Och bonuspoÀng till den som kan rÀtt namn pÄ huvudrÀtten.

Glad pÄsk i efterskott!

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2 Responses

  1. Jonas says:

    NĂ„gon kunde 🙂

  2. pappa says:

    skotska plÀdar

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