Co-operation with Two Side Moon PromotionsSamarbete med Two Side Moon Promotions

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, so I better do it now. Since a couple of months, we are working with Nicky Baldrians promotion agency, called Two Side Moon Promotions, which means that Nicky will be handling our promotion in Great Britain.

And we have already seen some results of this, by getting reviews in magazine which would have been very hard to get as an unknown band. One of the most recent is a very nice review in the next issue of Powerplay Magazine’s. However, can’t publish it here until that issue have been available for the public.

And there are more to come, so keep your eyes open! Meanwhile, we will start to record our next album 🙂

Two Side Moon Promotions

Update september 30:th 2013: So far we are very satisfied with Two Side Moon Promotions. Nicky Baldrian who runs the agency is a very nice guy and faster to answer emails than anyone I know 🙂 I suppose it have also helped us to get some reviews in magazine where it would haven been hard to reach without knowing the guys who work there. word1 word2 word3 word4 word5

two side moon promotions

Tror inte att jag nämnt det innan, så det är kanske på tiden nu. Sen en tid tillbaka samarbetar vi med Nicky Baldrians Two Side Moon Promotions, vilket innebär att Nicky kommer att sköta vår promotion i framför allt Storbrittanien.

Har redan börjat se lite resultat av detta i form av recensioner i tidningar där det säkert hade varit mycket svårare att komma in som helt okänt band. Har bland annat fått se en del trevligt från Powerplay Magazine’s kommande nummer. Får dock vänta med att publicera detta tills tidningen börjar säljas.

Och mer lär komma, så håll ögonen öppna! Under tiden kommer vi börja spela in nästa skiva 🙂


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