References in Californication S06 certainly earned some points of style! Referensstilpoäng för referenser i Californication S06

californication the flame still burns
Recently I just watched the last episode of Californication, season six. One scene really caught me. After the first show of Atticus Fletch tour, we wind him in the bus playing a guitar. And the song? “The flame still burns”.

This scene was kind of familiar 🙂

And in case you missed Still Crazy, watch it! I guess most people have seen This is Spinal Tap, which is a fantastic movie. This movie is probably just as fun, but also contain some more serious moments. And for a swede like me, it’s kind of fun to hear swedish actress Helena Bergström yell at Bill Nighy in swedish 🙂

still crazy poster

References in Californication the flame still burns

Häromkvällen såg jag sista avsnittet av Californication, säsong sex. Fastnade speciellt för en scen. Efter Atticus Fletch turné-premiär får man se hur han sitter i turné-bussen efteråt och plinkar lite på sin gitarr. Och låten? “The flame still burns”.

Scenen känns såklart igen en aning 🙂

För övrigt är Still Crazy en högst sevärd film!

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