Rock’n’roll remedy – how to cure food poisoningRock’n’roll-kurering

cure food poisoning
Have got several well-intentioned ideas about how to cure myself from the food poisoning. Some say that stale coke is good. Others says whiskey.

So I thought, why not try both?

the way to cure food poisoning

I suppose that some might think that I could use a cheaper whiskey when mixing it with coke. Especially stale coke. But I thought that since I have a hard time to eat and drink anything at all, why not try something that should be more tasty than other brands?


cure food poisoning

Har nu fått flera välmenta tips om hur man kurerar sig från matförgiftning. Flera tipsar om avslagen Coca-cola. Andra om whiskey.

Så varför inte prova kombinera dessa?


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