DJ Rockford

In 2010 I became involved in a somewhat strange TV project. The result can be found in the swedish humor production Projekt: Kreativ med med inriktning TV by Larsson & Thörn Arkitekter. All four episodes are available on YouTube.

Those songs are something COMPLETELY different compared to anything else written by yours sincerely, and might be at least “intresting” to listen to 🙂 So if you’re not up to watching all four episodes of the TV show, not mention that there are just short clips from the songs featured there as well, here are the four tracks (to download, just right click and choose “save link/target as”):

DOWNLOAD -> DJ Rockford – Green little men

DOWNLOAD -> DJ Rockford – Gravelstorm

DOWNLOAD -> DJ Rockford feat Emma – I dont want to touch

DOWNLOAD -> DJ Rockford feat Emma – Fed up mouth

All music and lyrics by JJ Rockford except
* Lyrics by Joakim Thörn

Produced and recorded in Montroxx Studios by JJ Rockford

And as a bonus… I can’t say that the lyrics for those songs are the most elaborated I’ve done, but I daresay that reading the lyrics for Green little men while listening makes it much more enjoyable!

Do you believe in things that you don’t know?
Then hear this tale and tell me now:
Who can judge who is sane and not?
When someone experienced the things that someone have not?
Is the proof that someone don’t know?
How many have to see it, to know it’s true?
How many will forget or even lie?
When they been through something, that someone else deny?
When they been through something, that someone else deny…

Green little men hunts me
They want my brain
Daj-dara-daj etc

Verse 1
Lonely in the dead of night
I saw a flying unkown light
What it was I didn’t know
But it came closer flying low

I started running from the light
Run for shelter in the night
The flying thing caught up on me
And what I saw you can’t believe

Beaming down the strangest men
Greener than a nice golf lane
Seven fingers on each arm
Thus twenty one in total

Their legs where short and oddly shaped
I did just stop and stood and gaped

Verse 2
Ropes of laser tied my hands
They beamed me up onboard
Lead me to their surgeon room
I didn’t feel to cocky

Lay me down on stainless steel
At least some metal material
The room started to swirl away
The last I saw, a shining blade

I could not describe how strange
It felt when someone drained the brain
Of all things I ever know
So lucky me, it didn’t get slow

When I woke up I didn’t know
Where I was, where did they go?
Probably back to the sky
Scared of what they got from my