All our music is recorded/produceds/mixed/mastered in our own studio Montroxx. We are now looking on expanding this area a little bit by offering mixing/mastering services for others as well.

This will be done on a “semi volunteerly” basis, with prices which doesn’t cover the costs. However, we’ll see it as educational for ourselfs, as well as a possibility to help out bands and artists.


  • 100 Skr/10 euro/10 US$ per song
  • Add 50 Skr/10 euro/5 US$ for mastering


  • 100 Skr/10 euro/10 US$ per song (stem mastering is ok)

For references, check out any of the albums by The Rockford Heroes (preferably the newer ones).

If you are interested, send an email to (at)

To submit music, export your songs as wave files, and make sure that all the files are labelled/named in some descriptive way and that all files starts from the same point. The files to some cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, MS Onedrive, Box and so on) and send a link to the folder with the files.