Studio Montroxx discography

The work done by Studio Montroxx in chronological order, with the newest release first. If not anything else is stated, both mixing and mastring is done by Studio Montroxx.


Drastika – Warmongers (album, death/crust/punk)

The Rockford Heroes – Shine (single hardrock)


The Rockford Heroes – Know me better (single, hardrock)

Hellraiser’s – Hellraiser’s (single, hard boogie rock)

Hellraiser’s – Bad girl (single, hard boogie rock)

Hellraiser’s – Angels in town/Sad sad blues (single, hard boogie rock)


The Rockford Heroes – I believe in a thing called love (single, cover/tribute, hard rock)

The Rockford Heroes – The horse, the stag and the hunger (single, hard rock)


The Rockford Heroes – Ghostlights (a matter of belief) (album, hard rock)


The Rockford Heroes – Problem (and a few of our own) – (EP, cover, hard rock)


The Rockford Heroes – Edge of the silverthorn (album, hard rock)

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