Onnea syntymäpäivän johdosta!!Onnea syntymäpäivän johdosta!!

Pekka moppe

Pekka moppe

If any of you reading this doesn’t understand what the title says, don’t worry. Imagine that everyone on this planet visited this page, only 0.7% would understand the title above.

In the chance that a visitor understand it is probably somewhat bigger, because we live in a region of the world were some people actually speak finnish.

Anyway, the reason for this title is of course that it’s Pekka Kiviaho’s birthday today! Some of you might wonder how old he actually is. I doesn’t wonder, but my guess is that Pekka would answer to that question with “enough”.

Pekka moppe

Pekka moppe

Om någon av er inte förstår rubriken är det inte så konstigt. Om vi tänker oss att alla på hela jorden besökte denna hemsida/blogg, skulle endast ca 0,07 % av besökarna förstå vad som står där.

I praktiken så är förmodligen siffran lite större, eftersom vi ändå bor i ett område på jorden där det pratas finska lite här och där.

Hursomhelst, anledningen till rubriken är såklart att allas vår Pekka Kiviaho fyller år idag! Hur mycket undrar ni säkert? Jag undrar inte, men gissar att Pekka skulle svara någonting i stil med “tillräckligt”.

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  1. September 22, 2011

    […] It was Pekka’s birthday a few days ago. So, the previous Saturday we celebrated him. It was a very fun night, and I am pretty sure it might have been the first and last time you could see all the members in The Rockford Heroes dance to Lady Gaga’s “Poker face” (well, some of her songs at least, can’t really remember which one). It’s not as bad as it sounds, we were taken by suprise and just kept on dancing. This where at Rocks (rock bar in Stockholm) and headed for the so called “metal bar”. How they decided to have that name nobody knows, but they played some really good music. Journey, Def Leppard, Damn Yankess, Mötley Crüe etc. And then suddenly a Lady Gaga song. […]

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